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About Me

My name is Kevin Nguyen.

I'm a recent graduate of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Western University, and I have recently worked as a Software Consultant. I have the credentials to help YOU build the skills that you need to excel as a future or current computer programmer.

Why choose me?

  • I have more than two years of experience in programming education
  • I have 3+ years of technical experience
  • I have developed years of consulting skills to help YOU understand complex topics in simple and attractive ways.
  • I have experience teaching all ages (6-16 years old) and have consulted various government clients throughout my career.

I currently teach: C++, C, Javascript and Web Design (CSS & HTML) - contact me if you need help with other languages!

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What does KC Academy offer?

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Lessons for you or your kids!

Rates begin at $45/hr; discounts available for group lessons.
Please contact me for more details.

I pride myself by providing thorough lessons - using a carefully designed methodology to help my students understand complex topics clearly and for a long time.

I teach multiple languages:

  • Javascript
  • C++
  • C
  • And many others upon request, contact me!
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Personalized Assignment Help!

Rates begin at $50/hr; additional fee for short notice assignments.
Please contact me for more details.

I help my students with their assignments, from weekly labs to final projects!

If you need help, send an email to with your assignment materials and any additional information.

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Dev Freelancing

Rates are dependent on the service.
Please contact me for details.

Available Services:

  • Web Design
  • Game Design
  • Creating Educational Material
  • If you need something else, contact me!

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